Good software companies start with good ideas

At Holocentric, we came up with ours over 20 years ago; how do we digitally capture the DNA of an organisation?

It might sound like a strange question, but we believe businesses are much like living organisms. They are the sum of their parts; people, processes and technology, all working together in concert. Critical challenges arise when these core elements become disconnected.

Our software provides organisations with the tools to model relationships between enterprise elements such as processes, policies, roles, and regulations, and capture them in a secure and organised repository. This capability arms our clients with the necessary tools and support to further their maturity journeys in areas such as compliance, risk management, and knowledge sharing.

Over the past 20 years, we have proudly supported organisations across finance and banking, infrastructure, utilities, healthcare, transport, government, and aviation. Our team is made up of developers, consultants, and industry specialists, who provide a suite of offerings including; system implementation, technical support, and professional services.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering fit-for-purpose solutions, our innovative mindset, and our longstanding relationships with clients. You can reach out to us at or visit us at one of our Sydney or Canberra offices.
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