Digital training and onboarding of new employees

Here are four ways to use technology that will facilitate the integration of new employees in your workplace.

Bridging the strategy-to-performance gap

Tips on how to avoid the costs of strategy failures, such as, confusion among the workforce, misuse of resources, waste of time and money. 

Nailing process management in the construction industry

Business Process Management (BPM) can help play a role in making sure your construction business is using its resources and finances properly.

Long-Term Planning for Family Businesses

What are some tips on how you could best structure the long-term planning for your family business? What steps have you put in place?

Drive employee engagement by mapping your business’ DNA

Aligning capabilities, responsibilities and motivations with your business goals is often challenging. How do these produce business value?

The key to staying competitive in the world of business

Businesses that thrive and survive the ebbs and flows of customer desires are the ones that truly understand themselves.

A seamless way to meet your compliance obligations

How can you integrate compliance obligations in a way that has no adverse impacts and improves the effectiveness of the business? 

5 signs your internal business processes need attention

Strong internal business processes give management the confidence that things will be done correctly. Here are 5 signs that yours may need attention.

Not another workshop!

Workshops are valuable tools, but poorly organised and executed ones can be a waste of everyone’s time. Here are tips to avoid the latter!

Style Guides for Process Modelling

Most often, you think of style guides that have been created for documents and presentations, but they are also useful for process modelling to ensure a consistent approach across all the modelling teams within an organisation.

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