Nailing process management in the construction industry

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Whether your construction business designs structures, surveys, demolishes, renovates, or maintains infrastructure, or even paints and decorates them, there’s always legroom to simplify operations and improve business efficiency.

Business Process Management (BPM) can help play a role in making sure your business is using its resources and finances properly. It creates a path of continuous improvement that can help increase productivity overall.

BPM can aid construction companies optimise their processes such as:

  • Budget preparation and analysis
  • Resource procurement – construction materials and services
  • Project planning and coordination
  • Construction Execution
  • Sub-contractor Management
Reduce Costs

When a process is captured and documented (and kept up to date!) it can often help spot any inefficiencies are areas that may need to be addressed. Process management tracks the usage of resources, so with every correction, there’s an opportunity to reduce costs.

Minimise Risk

When your employees understand their roles and responsibilities, it helps prevent issues from arising, and minimises the impact when the inevitable does happen. It allows them to take advantage of potential improvement opportunities too! It’s key to know who is accountable for monitoring risks and opportunities and what processes and duties are associated with each level of responsibility.

Customer Satisfaction

Construction firms are ultimately businesses that rely heavily on documentation, and a vast majority of this is still paper-based. When a construction process is inefficient, the results can impact the hip pocket. Optimising business processes and eliminated redundant techniques, can help deliver better services and products, resulting in satisfied customers.

Improved Quality

When processes are simplified, there’s less room for manual error. Very time consuming and laborious exercises are heavily reduced with a BPM to help drive improved safety, security, and compliance for the construction industry. It allows employees to focus on improve their service and product quality and establishing best practices.

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