Future-proofing your process maps

Businesses are always changing, from the back-end processes to the way we engage with our clients. So, how do we take the burden out of updating process maps?

7 plus or minus 2

How many steps should a process map have? The answer is, 'it depends'. Accuracy, and doing this in a way others can understand is important.

R&R - Roles and Responsibilities (sorry, not Rest & Relaxation)

Defining roles and responsibilities is a critical step towards business maturity. Without them, it becomes very difficult to execute strategy.

4 signs your business has matured

In a world of celebrating startups, you can’t always remain there. Is it time to see your organisation for what it really is?

Applying Positive Psychology to Coaching

Satisfying the needs of autonomy, relatedness and competence to achieve self-determination adds value to what we do.

Stop using BPMN

Stop using BPMN for human consumption. Full stop. It’s only OK for robots! Many people glaze over trying to understand a BPMN diagram.

Vertical vs Horizontal swim lanes

When we want to capture information across the organisation, which orientation should process maps be drawn in?

Managing Risk as Business As Usual

Take the first steps to generating an enduring risk-aware culture to protect the organisation from the bottom up.

Building a culture of continuous improvement

Incorporate continuous improvement into everyday organisational practice to drive consistent positive change.

Business Intelligence: Power (BI) to the People

Many of us experience a love-hate relationship with Business Intelligence, resulting in inconsistent usage and sub-optimal outcomes.

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