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This month, we are proud to introduce our new product, Holocentric Connect. Inspired by our flagship products, Modeler and Modelpedia, Holocentric Connect is a cloud-based Business Management System. Now, if you’re scratching your head and asking yourself – what is a Business Management System (BMS)? – this 5-minute read will be worth it.  

Introducing Holocentric Connect
Holocentric Connect lets organisations capture content such as business processes, work instructions, roles, documents, policies, and regulation, and link them together in a secure online library. It provides organisations with the capability to structure their information. This means: 

Better visibility over policies and procedures
Establish business processes
Support new employees with the right information
Embed risk management into operations

How does it work?
User accessibility is at the heart of this product. This means we’ve made it easy to capture, maintain, and view content that’s relevant to you.  

With a simple form-fill interface, business processes can be captured quickly, with auto-generated maps, document linkages, and relevant personnel clearly defined.  

Image 1: Holocentric Connect auto-generated process maps

What makes this product different to other process mapping tools (e.g. Visio, Lucidchart), is that information can be linked down to a process step level. This means staff members who are following a process will have all the information they need in one place.  

Example scenario
A new Procurement Analyst joins the team and needs to carry out a process that involves various documents, stakeholders, and must comply with legislation. As they have been assigned the role of ‘Procurement Analyst’ in Holocentric Connect, all the processes related to that role will appear in their Browse tab. The process needs to comply with certain legislation, which has been linked and is easily accessible. At a process step level, the following relevant information is available: 

Work instructions for accessing the procurement portal
Forms they need to send out to stakeholders
Responsible party for each step in the process
Names of systems they need to engage with

By having this information in once place, the Procurement Analyst is able to carry out the process accurately and consistently, and also gain a better understanding of how different parts of the business work together.  

Image 2: Holocentric Connect step-by-step view

What value does  it bring to an organisation?
Like most Business Management Systems, Holocentric Connect helps organisations establish a base level of maturity. Operational staff can easily access the information that’s most relevant to their roles, and managers have visibility over potential process gaps and legislative requirements. 

How do I know if it's for me?

If you've read this far and you're still intrigued, we have a 60-day free trial you can access here. The trial includes all the essential features so that you can take the system out for a real test drive.

Discover the capabilities of Holocentric Connect.

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