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There is a key driver for business transformation sitting idle in your car park. As we emerge from the tail-end of the COVID pandemic, it’s time to reassess the role that fleets play in your organisation. But while it might be tempting to return to the pre-pandemic status quo, 2022 provides a unique opportunity to use your fleet as a vehicle for wholesale change across your organisation. 

We’re aware that many organisations aren’t taking full advantage of their vehicle fleets. Vehicle usage data from state governments suggest that vehicles are being driven on average less than 75kms per day – less than two hours of usage! Modern fleet mobility strategies offer the opportunity to not only reshape your fleet’s size and makeup (thereby increasing usage of your assets), but behavioural changes that can have direct impacts across the entire organisation. 

Reinvest in your fleet's future
One of the most exciting benefits of a modern shared fleet strategy is the potential to completely reframe how you view your fleet. It provides the opportunity to work proactively, anticipating problems before they become costly missteps. 

The data captured from daily fleet use can also help guide an organisation’s transition to newer and more sustainable technologies. Reducing fleet size based on real-world usage data can provide an immediate cost saving. But instead of a quick win to the bottom line, it’s a unique opportunity. By taking that capital and reinvesting in your fleet, you can transition to newer technologies such as electric vehicles, or higher safety standards. These in turn help with larger strategic organisational goals such as reducing emissions or employee welfare. Reinvesting in your fleet today will end up paying dividends tomorrow.

Process improvements and change management
Another benefit from pivoting to a shared fleet strategy is that it offers an opportunity to reset and redefine company-wide processes. As your fleets are used by people across your entire organisation, everyone will be exposed to streamlined booking and key collection processes. But while there may be some resistance, it’s an amazing opportunity. 

However, a shared fleet strategy is only as good as tools at your disposal. A modern fleet booking solution can play a key role in ensuring you’re set up for success. It can eliminate double-bookings, missing keys, and late returns through a frictionless experience and help to increase overall productivity; employees that aren’t hindered by outdated booking processes and needless red tape can instead get on with the task at hand.

It also provides a unique opportunity to identify those who might be less flexible in adapting to change. Rather than being a roadblock, this can instead be viewed as a testbed for trialling change management methods which can then be used in other areas of your business.

Pivot today
If it’s not already, a shared fleet strategy should be a top priority for your organisation this year. It provides a unique opportunity to implement meaningful process improvements that can drive wholesale business transformation. 

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