Business Management System (BMS)

The powerful modelling application used by Australia's leading organisations

Capture the DNA of your business

The Holocentric Business Management System (BMS) is a robust modelling tool designed to capture 
the unique relationships of large-scale enterprise; built specifically for your business, with your DNA.
Holocentric BMS lets you capture information and link it together so that you can better understand how your 
organisation operates. It is comprised of two products, Holocentric Modeler and Holocentric Modelpedia.  

Capturing Content

Holocentric Modeler enables 
Business Analysts to solve complex problems.
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Risks and Controls 

Link risks and controls down to a process step level, identify process gaps and non-compliance.  

Industry Frameworks

Model your business frameworks to align with industry best practice.


Analyse and develop the rules and theories applicable to the relationships of managed objects, such as, classes and instances.

End-to-end process mapping

Link business processes together to create end-to-end visibility over how functions and services are delivered. 
By forging many-to-many relationships, Holocentric Modeler lets you create a 
digital twin of your organisation.


Collect, organise, house and disseminate individual business policies with controlled access capability.


Keep pace with regulatory change by maintaining records, workflows, documents, and reporting. 

Compliance requirements

Gain visibility across the entire business with audit-ready documentation at the click of a button.

Business processes

Capture, define, automate, and report on processes to help optimise business practices through approve-based workflows.

Work instructions

Improve efficiency through visual, paperless and clear instructions to help perform tasks and processes, record data and report on output.

Risks and controls

Create controls to mitigate identified risks. Maintain a record of necessary documentation in a central repository.  


Align key responsibilities with personnel within your business. Manage tasks and deadlines, and report on accountabiltiies.

Viewing Content

Modelpedia lets stakeholders view your rich content through a familiar interface. It's designed to make complex information more accessible.

SharePoint integration

Manage documentation capabilities utilising Microsoft SharePoint.

Personalised notifications

Engagement through customised alerts providing user-centric information.

Comments through drafting

Access documents in review mode to add comments, suggestions and feedback.

Version history

Maintain record of content items at a specific point in time.


Protect access to restricted data and business information.
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