Business Strategy Alignment

Understand how business elements support the delivery of your business strategy and identify non-performing domains.  
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Enterprise business architecture

In practice, business architecture is evolving with the development of new technology. There are a growing number of Australian organisations looking to modernise their approach to strategy alignment, and investing in business architecture is a popular method. When invested in over time, enterprise business architecture provides the blueprint for how operations connect back up to strategy. The Holocentric platform includes a business architecture capability that enables organisations to deliver on their strategic intent. It supports the comprehensive modeling of people, process, and technology elements to understanding their linkages and interdependences.  
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Capability mapping
Business initiatives management
Visualise your organisation’s capabilities at their current maturity level  

Understand which business components support your various strategic drivers 

Align business strategy to supporting functions and services  

Report on the value delivered by divisions and portfolios by mapping business benefits to individuals projects and programs 

Capture functions across the business to visualise against organisational structure 

Support projects by establishing content libraries and connecting outputs with enterprise elements 

Business domains

Organisations are made up of various moving parts; people, processes, capabilities, systems, all working together to deliver services. When these elements become disconnected, the organisation is exposed to risks associated with poor service delivery, non-compliance, and loss of corporate knowledge from personnel turnover. Organisations with complex needs use Holocentric to capture the structure and outputs of their various business domains. These models enable cross-function visibility and provide a strong foundation for business analysis and transformation.
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Capture business elements in your own language  

Focus on specific business domains for analysis and improvement initiatives

Draw linkages between strategic drivers to better understand your operating model 


Reporting is an essential function for all Australian enterprises. Whether it be reporting externally to investors and regulators, or internally to management and governance boards, regular reporting services corporate accountability, integreity, and performance. Holocentric has a breadth of reporting capabiities to support internal and external reporting requirements.

Export digital audit trails showing approvals and employee attestation

Set up role-based views and dashboards for managerial visibility

Conduct internal audits

Manage complaints and incidents

Understand employee system adoption and behaviour with usage reports

Automate reporting of policy ownership across the enterprise

Your single source of truth

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