Business Transformation

Future-proof your organisation with a robust business transformation tool
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Value stream management
Change Management
Capture end-to-end processes and assess digital touchpoints across service delivery 

Protect your organisation from market disruptors by identifying technology and process weaknesses 

Take stock of your IT infrastructure and pinpoint areas in need of modernisation 

Share corporate knowledge in a controlled repository 
Engage SMEs and promote content capture with an easy-to-use interface 

Upskill BAs with comprehensive training materials for modeling tools 

Capability uplift

Organisations are made up of various capabilities, all supported by functions and services. Upholding an efficiency mindset means leaders are required to do more with less. Fortunately, most efficiencies can be achieved through business transformation and reform. The Holocentric platform provides a dynamic digital environment in which users can define capabilities, map their dependencies, and document uplift initiatives.  

Digital Transformation

In today’s world, digital is a core element of business transformation and encompasses many different elements of short and long-term organisational change. It requires a cultural shift as it involves fundamentally changing business elements such as systems, processes, and roles, to achieve measurable transformation objectives. A growing number of Australian industries are seeing significant changes in the way organisations are expected to operate as a result of market disruptors. This has challenged operating models for some of the country’s largest organisations. Responding to these challenges requires operational agility, which calls on leaders to challenge existing domain structures, upskill workforces, and in some cases, re-platform technologies. Holocentric supports organisations to reimagine their future-state and prepare their digital environments for change.
Capability mapping
Process automation
Assess capabilities at their current maturity level through visual mapping
Align strategic drivers to business components  

Identify transformative elements and understand what is required in order to realise business strategy  

Analyse business processes and identify duplication of effort, risk exposure, and opportunities for improvement 
Model future-state operations and socialise internally  
Drive capability uplift and prepare for automation  


Reporting is an essential function for all Australian enterprises. Whether it be reporting externally to investors and regulators, or internally to management and governance boards, regular reporting services corporate accountability, integrity, and performance. Holocentric has a breadth of reporting capabiities to support internal and external reporting requirements.

Export digital audit trails showing approvals and employee attestation

Set up role-based views and dashboards for managerial visibility

Conduct internal audits

Manage complaints and incidents

Understand employee system adoption and behaviour with usage reports

Automate reporting of policy ownership across the enterprise

Your single source of truth

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