Achieve CPS 230 Operational Risk Assessment requirements effortlessly with Holocentric Connect 

Bring clarity to processes and key people, technology, information, facilities and service provider resources needed for critical operations

CPS 230 compliance is non-negotiable for financial institutions. It requires entities to identify critical operations and document their processes and resources including people, technology, information, facilities and service providers.

Entities are expected to underpin operational risk assessments with clear documentation of these processes and resources. They need to conduct scenario analysis and keep records of how changes to these resources in the operating environment (e.g. a disabled supplier or technology) could affect their ability to operate 

Creating clarity of the processes and resources can be challenging the disparate pieces of information are often held in different places and systems across the organisation, and sometimes might not exist at all. 

This vast information needs to be consolidated, governed with clear stakeholder accountabilities, and kept up to date at all times.

This is where Holocentric Connect comes in – it enables teams to collaborate and manage process and resource information for CPS 230 compliance easily.



Reduce time and cost to become CPS 230 compliant with Holocentric Connect

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Explore our comprehensive set of features tailored to address CPS 230 Operational Risk Management requirements: 

Holocentric Connect is the process, risk and compliance management system that delivers to your strategic objectives. Request a free trial today and see how Holocentric Connect can help you transform your business.

Capture and link critical resources to processes

  • Seamlessly capture and link key resources including technology, information, people, facilities and service providers to processes that make up your organisation’s critical operations.
  • Holocentric Connect enables organisations to consolidate resource information from multiple business areas and systems to provide a single view of the operating environment. 

Link to obligations, regulations, and policies

Link your organisation’s obligations, regulations and policies to processes to support deeper understanding of the business drivers the process and their resources contribute to compliance to regulations and internal policies. 

Support clear ownership and governance

  • Assign ownership and other responsibilities to key stakeholders to bring clarity of who is responsible for keeping process and resource information up to date. 
  • Workflows, automation and dashboards help key stakeholders ensure that process and resource information are periodically reviewed and approved in accordance with CPS 230 requirements. 

Support operational risk assessments and scenario analysis

  • Analyze and report on interdependencies between processes and their resources to underpin risks assessments. 
  • Conduct what-if scenario analysis on demand and identify processes and other resources that could be impacted as a result of a change to the operating environment instantly. 

Links to risks, controls and other risk data

Link risks and controls to processes and resources to provide clarity of the operational risk landscape and logic for the identified risks and controls. 

Version control and audit trail

  • Simplify change tracking, linking revisions, and conducting CPS 230-compliant approval workflows, ensuring clear documentation and traceability. 
  • Provide transparency into system actions, maintain comprehensive records, and support auditing and reporting needs, ensuring data integrity for CPS 230 compliance. 

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