Simplify compliance and drive cost efficiency.
Co-develop a turnkey CPS 230 solution

Many Australian financial institutions are facing the challenge of maintaining Prudential Standard CPS 230 operational risk management compliance while ensuring commercial viability. We have a solution to simplify your compliance journey and drive cost efficiency.

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Streamline CPS 230 compliance with our solution

Holocentric and Three6 are collaborating to develop innovative solutions that reduce the cost of addressing and maintaining CPS 230 compliance. With our combined financial services, compliance, and software expertise, we understand the challenges you face. Our turnkey software solution streamlines CPS230 compliance, saving you time, effort, and money.

Join us in co-developing the solution

We invite interested parties to join us in the co-development of the CPS 230 solution.
By participating in our collaborative effort, you will:

Shape the solution

Influence the design and development process to meet your compliance needs.

Gain early access

Gain early access to streamline CPS 230 compliance and save valuable time and resources.

Engage with industry experts

Engage with industry experts and peers, and tap into their collective knowledge.

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We look forward to partnering with you on simplifying compliance and driving cost efficiency with our CPS 230 solution.