Australia's Defence industry is critical to the development of, and investment in, our national security capabilities. With our region's changing political landscape, maintaining high standards for Defence suppliers and partners is of ever-increasing importance

Holocentric provides the Commonwealth and Defence industry with an all-encompassing platform that facilitates capability mapping, strategic alignment, and the capturing of shared accountabilities.
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Supporting the development of Australia's Defence capability

The Department of Defence relies on industry to support asset acquisitions, information management, data security, and achieving operational excellence across the groups and services. Over the past five years, Holocentric has developed an industry leading, fit-for-purpose platform for both the public and private organisations active in this sector.

The Holocentric platform is used to capture work instructions, build step-by-step process views, link to internal policies and governing legislation, and digitise corporate policies for ease of access and maintenance.

Achieving a managed and leading level of operational maturity across all enabling services is critical to growing Australia's strategic Defence capability.
Achieve operational excellence
Prepare your business for reform
Align operations to strategy
Capture your business processes, retail corporate knowledge, and break down information silos by building a secure and organised digital repository.
Drive capability uplift through current state capturing, impact analysis, and process optimisation.
Record key strategic drivers and establish a cross-functional visibility over your organisation's operating model.

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