3 principles for modernising your business, a guide for SMEs

Modernisation takes time. It requires strategic planning and a commitment from leadership. This eBook provides a high-level guide on business modernisation for small to medium business owners.
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Adopting new systems in corporate Australia

For many organisations, the investment in digital capabilities will only continue to grow. Achieving success will see people, process and technology working together in concert.
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6 pillars of process optimisation in Australian Government

The 6 Pillars of Process Optimisation outlines areas to focus on when looking to improve and reform an enterprise. It can be applied to any Government agency, no matter the size or sector. Focusing reform activities on each of these areas, either simultaneously or singly, will generate widespread improvements throughout an organisation.
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5 levels of compliance in Australian organisations

All Australian organisations need to abide by and report on various legislative and regulatory requirements. Understanding what your obligations are and how to meet them is especially challenging when standards and requirements are subject to change.
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