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Whether you are one of Australia's big four banks, or one of our country's other 117 deposit-taking institutions, operationalising your compliance has never been more critical

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The Holocentric platform provides financial institutions with a strong foundation for achieving good governance and mature compliance management practices.
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Future-proofing your financial institution

In recent years, many of Australia's financial institutions have undergone major operational and structural changes to support an increased focus on governance, risk, and compliance management.

With this reform brings the well-known challenges of organisational change and corporate modernisation.

To support this business transformation, organisations need fit-for-purpose tools that can take stock of any changing public accountability obligations. Without this, critical gaps are left unidentified, and the financial institution becomes exposed to unnecessary risks.

Holocentric has been a trusted partner in the financial services sector for over 10 years and with our solutions, have underpinned the robust compliance management capabilities for some of Australia's leading financial institutions.
Operationalise your governance, risk and compliance
Map governing regulation to internal policies
Align operations to business strategy
Link governance elements to business processes, categorise risks and controls, and embed compliance management into the fabric of your organisation.
Holocentric provides organisations with a policy digitisation capability that facilitates agile responses to policy changes. Users can link specific legislation to processes and work instructions.
Record key strategic drivers and establish a cross-functional visibility over your organisation's domains.

Manage compliance with policy digitisation

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