Risk, Compliance and Governance

Streamline risk, compliance, and governance activities to gain enterprise visibility over decision-making.
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Risk Management and Compliance

Capturing and understanding risks is an important part of protecting your organisation against current and future challenges. The Holocentric platform enables organisations to operationalise their risk and compliance management by embedding it into business processes and procedures.
Risk Management
Compliance Management
Analyse change impact with risk assessments

Assign risk ratings to audit recommendations and process steps

Attribute risks to responsible owners for clear accountabilities

Support employee development and operational compliance with in-built knowledge testing

Embed user attestation against process controls

Generate internal audit usage reporting

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is an important pillar of Australia's public and private sectors, underpinning operations, performance, and public accountability. Holocentric arms organisations with the tools to build a strong foundation of good governance
Roles and Accountabilities
Stakeholder Management
Gain clarity around decision making by documenting your roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities in Holocentric.

Easily access roles and responsibilities with an auto-generated RACI

Embed controls and capture approvals across all business processes

Clearly identify accountabilities at every step in the process

Ensure consistency across work programs

Customer-centric organisations rely on Holocentric to better understand their service delivery functions and the needs of their stakeholders.

Optimise your service deliver experience with Customer Journey Maps

Action feedback and complaints through a dynamic registers tool

Record and escalate incidents

Capture continuous improvement opportunities to inform future investment and audit reporting


Reporting is an essential function for all Australian enterprises. Whether it be reporting externally to investors and regulators, or internally to management and governance boards, regular reporting services corporate accountability, integreity, and performance. Holocentric has a breadth of reporting capabiities to support internal and external reporting requirements.

Export digital audit trails showing approvals and employee attestation

Set up role-based views and dashboards for managerial visibility

Conduct internal audits

Manage complaints and incidents

Understand employee system adoption and behaviour with usage reports

Automate reporting of policy ownership across the enterprise

Your single source of truth

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