Integrated process, risk, and compliance management software for government agencies

Trusted by multiple Australian Federal and state government organisations, our software streamlines processes, enhances risk management, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.
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Holocentric software helps government agencies

Improve citizen service

Help staff follow streamlined processes for better and more consistent citizen service experiences.

Enhance compliance

Helps staff understand the risk and regulatory obligations to enhance their compliance.

Reduce compliance costs

Automate and support compliance management, regular review and auditing processes.

Simplify staff onboarding

Reuse processes to provide staff with an operational knowledge base for onboarding and training. 

Navigating government challenges

Government organisations face unique challenges in meeting citizen expectations, maintaining compliance, and operating efficiently. 

Difficulty in finding documentation

Operational processes and knowledge are either undocumented or difficult to find in the organisation.

Overreliance on individuals

Significant key person risks due to overdependence on specific individuals to ensure business continuity.

Inconsistent services and outcomes

Inconsistency in service experience, quality and outcomes, stemming from undocumented processes.

Complex regulatory obligations

Delivering cost effective operations while managing different complex regulatory obligations.

Empowering government agencies to 
overcome operational challenges

 Meeting citizen expectations, ensuring compliance, and enhancing efficiency
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Unify and centralize critical information

Establish a comprehensive single source of truth for processes, risks, policies and regulations.

Get clarity around accountabilities

Enhance visibility and ownership of compliance processes for improved control and accountability.

Boost Efficiency and Cost Savings

Achieve 30-60% reduction in future process improvement and compliance management costs.

Ensure easier onboarding

Reduce the time and costs it takes for new employees to become fully effective by up to 25%.

Make data driven decisions

Analyse and report on linkages between processes, risks, policies and regulations to support decision making.

Success stories: Transformations enabled by Holocentric

Supporting Western Power to reduce incidents by 67%
HR system transformation support for Defence People Group (DPG)

Western Power, a leading utilities company responsible for maintaining and operating an electricity network in Western Australia, achieved remarkable results by implementing Holocentric's software. By enabling easy access to operational process information and work instructions, Western Power reduced incidents by 67%. Holocentric's software provided critical support, ensuring staff had access to vital information on the front line and in the field.

Defence People Group (DPG) partnered with Holocentric to support their HR system transformation. Holocentric's Business Process Management (BPM) solutions played a pivotal role in modeling the current state, capturing and improving processes and policies, and optimizing existing content. With Holocentric's support, DPG successfully articulated desired HR processes and system requirements, enabling them to achieve digitization and enhance performance.

Trusted by government agencies

Holocentric is a trusted vendor with a proven track record of successful implementations in government agencies. 
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