For healthcare providers in Australia, the pandemic has placed a significant strain on resources and front-line workers as they balance changing legislation with delivering safe and affordable care

Holocentric software supports over 1,300 NDIS and Aged Care organisations provide critical healthcare services to metro and urban communities across Australia.
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Technology underpinning safe and affordable healthcare

No matter what role you play in Australia's healthcare industry, the quest to deliver high standards of customer care and satisfaction is deep and far reaching. From healthcare regulators and policy makers to front-line workers and independent providers, technology and innovation is the key to enhancing service delivery.

Legislation is used to set and reform service standards, with internal and external audits acting as the monitory functions across industries. For healthcare providers, remaining registered requires passing audits, reporting failures of non-compliance, and keeping records that show services are delivered consistently and in line with best practice. The Holocentric platform provides many of Australia's leading NDIS and Aged Care providers with the capability to meet their legislative obligations while delivering much-needed healthcare services to our communities.
Ensure front-line workers deliver high quality customer care
Map governing regulation to internal policies
Operationalise compliance and achieve good governance
Pre-empt customer needs and record incidents, complaints, and feedback in a dynamic registers tool. Customer journey mapping enables end-to-end visibility over service delivery.
Holocentric provides organisations with a policy digitisation capability that facilitates agile responses to policy changes. Users can link specific legislation to processes and work instructions.
Link governance arrangements to business processes, categorise risks and controls, and embed compliance management into the fabric of your organisation.

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