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Choosing the Right Solution for Your Business

A Holocentric, we understand the importance of streamlining and optimizing your business processes. That's why we've developed a powerful process management solution that empowers organizations to achieve operational excellence.
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Holocentric is for teams looking to enhance their operational excellence

With Holocentric, teams can gain unparalleled visibility and control over their enterprise operations. From process modeling and analysis to governance and compliance management, Holocentric provides the tools and insights needed to achieve true operational excellence.

Which solution can empower your team to achieve more?

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Capture and Link Policies, Regulations, Risk, and Controls

Holocentric offers a comprehensive approach to process management. You can capture and link crucial information, including policies, regulations, risk, and controls.

Compliance Traceability

Effortlessly link compliance requirements to your processes and identify any gaps for informed risk assessments, all without the need for any additional add-ons.

Process Streams

Link processes together to create an end-to-end view that includes process stages and handovers.

Manage Employee Onboarding

Holocentric helps new employees get up to speed quickly and more effectively by pushing content to them through role-based views.

Information Attestation

Push content to users through required reading, where processes and other artefacts can be read and acknowledged through attestation.

Custom analysis and reporting

Publish custom reports on the relationships between artefacts in your system to support change impact analysis.

Multiple ways to discover and find information

Push information to users with News & Updates and Attestation features. Users can also discover and find information by themselves through Categories, Functions, Process Streams and Search.

Multiple ways to present or consume process information

Letting users choose how they consume the information, allowing them to choose from step by step, document, or process diagram views.

Process Diagram Autolayout

With just a few clicks, ensure that your diagrams are easy to read and understand, without spending valuable time on manual formatting. This feature is especially useful for large and complex diagrams, where manually formatting each element can be time-consuming and error-prone.

Capture information using simple forms

Capture processes through simple form fills and automatically generate different views.

Voice Activated Search

Search for processes and documents through the voice activated search. This is especially useful for terms that are difficult to spell.

Organise processes in a process taxonomy or hierarchy

Group processes by defined frameworks so users can navigate to information in a way that makes sense to them.

Release Management Workflow

Manage content from draft state through to approval and publishing with a simple release management workflow.

Generate PDF Copies

With Holocentric, you can generate PDF copies of your processes. This feature is especially useful for sharing processes with stakeholders who may not have access to the system.

Our software is superior to comparable products 

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End-user focused

Our focus is on end-users whose engagement and consumption of the process information captured is necessary to deliver strategic objectives. Holocentric has always and will continue to focus on mass content consumption.

Comprehensive Reporting & Analysis

Our underlying technology enables our users to capture more complex organisational information and undertake more extensive reporting and analysis than any of our competitors.


We recognize that some organisations want and need modelling solutions that can represent their unique and complex reality. Our product provides the flexibility in configuration to capture this.

Demonstrate Compliance 

  • Reduce ongoing obligations management costs by 30-50% compared to traditional documents 
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and reduce risk 
  • Improve visibility and ownership of compliance processes 


Manage and lmprove Operations 

  • Reduce future process improvement costs and cycle time by 30-60%
  • Eliminate overlapping processes, policies and documentation
  • Create a single source of truth to enhance productivity, customer and employee experience

Onboard and Guide Staff

  • Reduce the time and costs it takes for new employees to become fully effective by up to 25% 
  • Simplify staff training and onboarding 
  • Provide staff with ongoing operational guidance 

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