Our platform is used by many of Australia's leading organisations across a range of highly regulated industries
Holocentric is a trusted provider to Australian Government, delivering a breadth of digitisation solutions and professional services to both state and federal organisations.
The Holocentric platform provides the Commonwealth and Defence industry with robust capabilities for knowledge management, business transformation, governance, and reform.
With a focus on the rail and aviation sectors, our industry-grade solutions provide compliance management capabilities to many of Australia's leading transport organisations.
We support utility and infrastructure companies to optimise service delivery, comply with standards and regulation, and embed controls into business processes.
Holocentric is relied upon by many of Australia's leading financial institutions. Our software provides a platform for connecting complex elements such as regulatory obligations, customer requirements, business accountabilities, and compliance management practices.
Holocentric software supports over 1,300 NDIS and Aged Care service provides to mature their businesses through providing solutions for compliance management, incidents handling, internal audit, and business process management.

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