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Achieve operational excellence and transform your enterprise into a more resilient, agile, and mature organisation
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Standard Operating Procedures

Many organisations have standard operating procedures that define business activities across their various functions and management lines. Developing this content requires an investment of time and resources, which is why it’s important to ensure they remain in use and fit-for-purpose. If they are not captured in a central repository, circulated, and maintained, the potential value is often unrealised. Holocentric enables users to capture content once and display it in multiple ways, saving duplication of effort and bridging information solos.
Process mapping
Process optimisation
Capture complex processes in an easy-to-use dynamic process mapping function 

Link to important definitions and work instructions to create a connected repository of corporate knowledge 

Establish role-based views and operating procedures in a step-by-step format 

Analyse business processes and identify duplication of effort, risk exposure, and opportunities for improvement 

Optimise your service deliver experience with Customer Journey Maps

Drive capability uplift and prepare for automation  

Stakeholder Management

Delivering value in the present and in the long term requires organisations to understand their stakeholders, what their needs are, and how they could evolve. The Holocentric platform connects service providers with their customers, and employers with their employees.  
Customer journey mapping
Map your service delivery from a customer’s perspective  

Identify weaknesses and areas to improve

Clearly communicate your service delivery journey to internal and external stakeholders 

Action feedback and complaints through a dynamic registers tool 

Record and escalate incidents  

Capture continuous improvement opportunities to inform future investment and audit reporting 


Reporting is an essential function for all Australian enterprises. Whether it be reporting externally to investors and regulators, or internally to management and governance boards, regular reporting services corporate accountability, integreity, and performance. Holocentric has a breadth of reporting capabiities to support internal and external reporting requirements.

Export digital audit trails showing approvals and employee attestation

Set up role-based views and dashboards for managerial visibility

Conduct internal audits

Manage complaints and incidents

Understand employee system adoption and behaviour with usage reports

Automate reporting of policy ownership across the enterprise

Your single source of truth

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