Policy and Regulation

Respond to changing legislative requirements, identify compliance gaps, and embed policy elements into everyday operations
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Policy Management

There are various challenges that come with managing, maintaining, and administering enterprise policies. This is especially true for large organisations, where determining what business area is responsible for enforcing a particular policy component requires back-and-forth between divisions. Dynamic policy management requires an investment in technology, one that will provide immediate and long-term benefits to an organisation. Holocentric enables policy owners, policy implementation teams, and process owners to better understand and manage their policy obligations.  
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Policy digitalisation
Good governance
Policy digitalisation enables agile responses to policy changes so that organisations can maintain compliance and identify gaps.  

Isolate policy sections and link them to specific work instructions and process steps 

Estimate and analyse the impact a policy change will have on the organisation 

Align policy drivers to operations

Good governance is built on a foundation of well managed policies, frameworks, and operations. When these elements become disconnected, organisations are at a higher risk of breaching compliance and facing public scrutiny over Executive mismanagement. Holocentric provides organisations with the business maturity and capability to uplift their governance functions long term.  

Clearly identify responsible policy owners with an auto-generated RACI 

Build out your organisations operating model by linking frameworks, governing policies, legislation, and procedures 

Regulatory Compliance

Australian organisations in highly regulated industries need to abide by and report on various legislative and regulatory requirements. Understanding what your obligations are and how to meet them is especially challenging when standards and requirements are subject to change. Holocentric is used to capture best practice (such as ISO standards) and regulation, so that business decision-makers can identify gaps when legislation changes.  
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Embed best practice and standards into business processes through controls and quality checks 

Record continuous improvement initiatives and work towards improving standards across the organisation 

Many Australian organisations have complex needs which require the use of multiple ICT systems and industry-specific infrastructure. As new technology becomes available, old systems are replaced and re-platformed, disrupting the existing information environment. The Holocentric platform can be integrated with various system to improve user experience, reduce duplication of effort, and maintain data integrity across the organisation.  

Integrate with existing knowledge repositories such as SharePoint and mailing services such as Outlook

Link to existing ICT infrastructure to provide seamless navigational transitions between systems

Draw content from mandated Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS)


Reporting is an essential function for all Australian enterprises. Whether it be reporting externally to investors and regulators, or internally to management and governance boards, regular reporting services corporate accountability, integreity, and performance. Holocentric has a breadth of reporting capabiities to support internal and external reporting requirements.

Export digital audit trails showing approvals and employee attestation

Set up role-based views and dashboards for managerial visibility

Conduct internal audits

Manage complaints and incidents

Understand employee system adoption and behaviour with usage reports

Automate reporting of policy ownership across the enterprise

Your single source of truth

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