Maximize Compliance and Mitigate Risks with Our Integrated Risk Management Solution 

Holocentric Connect is a modern and integrated process, risk and compliance management tool. It enables organisations to capture and share processes, procedures, risks, policies and regulations.

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Streamline Your Risk Management Processes

Holocentric helps you streamline your risk management processes, from identifying and assessing risks to implementing and monitoring controls.  


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Embed Risk and Compliance Management into Business Processes

The Holocentric platform enables organisations to operationalise their risk and compliance management by embedding it into business processes and procedures.  

Analyse Change Impact with Risk Assessments

With Holocentric, you can easily analyse the impact of changes on your risk landscape by conducting risk assessments and assigning risk ratings to audit recommendations and process steps.  

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Clear Accountabilities through Attributed Risks

Our software allows you to attribute risks to responsible owners, ensuring clear accountabilities and reducing the risk of blame-shifting.  

Our software is superior to comparable products 

End-user focused

Our focus is on end-users whose engagement and consumption of the process information captured is necessary to deliver strategic objectives. Holocentric has always and will continue to focus on mass content consumption.

Comprehensive Reporting & Analysis

Our underlying technology enables our users to capture more complex organisational information and undertake more extensive reporting and analysis than any of our competitors.


We recognize that some organisations want and need modelling solutions that can represent their unique and complex reality. Our product provides the flexibility in configuration to capture this.

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