Australia's transport sector is continuing to grapple with massive drops in demand and government-mandated changes to service delivery. With these shifts, come new challenges that need to be met head-on in order to sustain our transportation services

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Holocentric partners with many of Australia's leading transportation organisations across the rail and aviation sectors to provide industry-grade business management capabilities.
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Ensuring operational agility in Australia's transport industries

In the pandemic's aftermath and beyond, long-term sustainability for Australia's travel and transport industries will require a newfound level of operational agility. Many of the companies most affected have already undergone financial restructuring plans and personnel layoffs, yet remain dependent on government support packages.

Technology may be the key to accelerating this recovery. As we adjust to this new normal we'll see service delivery standards change to reflect reduced capacities and varying health and safety protocols as situations develop. Holocentric provides organisations with the capabilities to respond to these requirements in an agile way, perform impact analysis, and disseminate key information to stakeholders.
Policy digitisation
Achieve good governance
Embed risk management in operations
Realise the benefits from a mature policy management capability that supports agile responses to internal and external policy changes.
Close accountability gaps by linking governance elements such as roles, responsibilities, and controls. Easily identify non-compliance and record opportunities to improve end-to-end delivery.
Define ownership and responsibility of risks and mitigation. Clearly document risk assessments, specify controls, and effectively reduce adverse impacts.

Manage compliance with policy digitisation

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