Utilities and Infrastructure

Australia is home to some of the world's most liveable cities and rich natural resources. For our utility and infrastructure companies, sustaining this prosperity will require an increased focus on strategic alignment and regulatory compliance

The Holocentric platform is used by many of Australia's leading utility and infrastructure companies to align strategic objectives with day-to-day operations.
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Utilities and infrastructure; the key to sustaining our liveable cities?

As we work towards a greener and more sustainable Australia, the regulators in our utility and infrastructure sectors will be placing a heightened focus on compliance, strategic planning, and corporate accountability.

Navigating these obligations while continuing to deliver on customer expectations will require organisations to go beyond the traditional top-down model to ensure changes are embedded at an operational level.

Holocentric partners with many of Australia's leading utility and infrastructure organisations to provide this much-needed enterprise visibility. Our platform is used for capturing accountabilities across end-to-end processes and aligning business functions to strategic objectives.
Embed risk management in operations
Operationalise compliance and achieve good governance
Align operations to business strategy
Define ownership and responsibility of risks and mitigation. Clearly document risk assessments, specify controls, and effectively reduce adverse impacts.
Link governance arrangements to business processes, categorise risks and controls, and embed compliance management into the fabric of your organisation.
Record key strategic drivers and establish a cross-functional visibility over your organisation's domains.

Manage compliance with policy digitisation

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