The DNA of your business

Holocentric lets you capture and connect all the moving parts of your organisation. 
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Organisations are the sum of their parts; people, process and technology, all working together in concert.

Our software provides organisations with the tools to model these relationships 
and capture them in a secure and organised digital repository.
Maintaining the integrity, currency, and accessibility of corporate knowledge is an ongoing struggle for all organisations. Holocentric offers an intuitive user experience where content can be easily captured and displayed in multiple ways.
Map business processes
Digitise policies
Embed controls and mitigate risks
It's no secret that organisations often suffer the pitfalls of siloed work environments. Holocentric enables users to access both role-based content and enterprise information from all corners of an organisation for end-to-end visibility.
Access relevant role-based and enterprise views
Publish content from a secure repository
Integrate with systems (i.e. EDRMS and SharePoint)
Transforming your organisation requires an established level of business maturity. Holocentric provides decision-makers with the business blueprints to improve the way you work, support optimisation, and ongoing reform activities.
Simulate future-state
Perform impact analysis
Prepare for automation

Australia's leading digital twin software

At Holocentric, we help many of Australia's leading organisations build a secure repository that acts as their digital twin. We support organisations with complex needs across highly regulated industries such as government, finance, utilities, and healthcare.
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Data storage that's ready for enterprise

Our clients depend on our highly secure and reliable information environment.  

Policy, process and 
document management

Capture step-by-step processes and work instructions and link them to documents, policies, and procedures.

Make informed decisions with impact analysis

Access a meta-model view to see what enterprise elements will be impacted by a business or legislative change.

Operationalise governance, risk and compliance (GRC)

Define ownership and responsibility of risk assessments and mitigation activities. 
Auto-generated RACI's used for reporting and delegations. 
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